Tiago Marques, Portugal

For more than four years I have worked for OneSpaWorld as an acupuncturist onboard, and this is the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m lucky enough to do what I love the most whilst I am travelling the world.

My practice has improved because I feel challenged to give my best to our guests. Every single day I help someone to be pain free whilst they are on vacation, changing lives by introducing them to acupuncture.

It is great to press an elevator button to get to work. I do not need to worry about anything other than to help people to improve their lives.

I mostly enjoy waking up in a different country all the time. And taking walks on the open deck and breathing the fresh ocean air, it is something you cannot explain. You need to get here to feel it.

This is the best experience you will ever have. You will be the voice of our beautiful medicine, and you will have the power to help hundreds of people.

Lisa Nelson, USA

My career at sea with OneSpaWorld began nearly 15 years ago. Working as an acupuncurist is very close to my heart. I have a deep passion for what I do, and I have to say working on cruise ships has shaped me into a very skilled acupuncturist, both professionally and socially.

Working on board cruise ships has molded me in deeper ways, meeting people from all over both professionally and clinically.  This is one of my favorite things – the ability to learn and work with amazing people.

As a team, we all have one goal: to help the guests who come into the spa have the best experience. This means we all help each other. We cross promote each other’s modalities to not only help our guests, but to inspire them to return home and continue what we have taught them about their health.

Acupuncture at sea will enrich your clinical experience tremendously. Working at sea as an acupuncturist has grown over the years. You will learn how to run a practice, because on board it is your practice.

Yuan Li, China

Working for OneSpaWorld has brought me many opportunities these past five years as every week we have anywhere between 3000 to 6000 guests on board, and I am the only one acupuncturist here. And the income is absolutely much higher compared with on land. The working environment is amazing. Everywhere looks sparkling, and our work colleagues are very nice and warm hearted. I have been treated very well.

Life on board is phenomenal and colorful. There are many forms of entertainment such as shows, live music, circus, comedy – even zip-line – that we can join while off duty. Also, we have a crew bar for gatherings, and I love the karaoke there.

The part I most love are the excursions. Because traveling the world is free of charge, l can pay a little to experience helicopter tours, sky diving, city tours, or tasting local foods.The work schedule is flexible, and we can have longer vacation. While on land, I can never get a vacation longer than 4 weeks; however, between each contract onboard I can choose longer vacations, so I have more time to spend with my family.

Once on board, you will become addicted to ship life. It’s like paradise!